Talk about ‘eating the frog’.  Y’all, this kit scared me to death.  I’m a wood worker, not a stencil maker.  There IS a difference.  LOL One time while I was at Fast Signs watching the worker bees apply decals to my VW bus windows I broke out in hives and started sweating.  I also realized I was holding my breath.  Putting the actual application aside, the Silhouette software didn’t exactly make me feel safe and secure.  Every button I clicked led to more questions and more hives.  But, one morning, I got up, made my coffee and stomped out to my studio. I vowed not to leave until I had it figured out, and that’s what I did. I woke up and [ate] the frog so-to-speak.  The inspiration behind the quote came from a happenstance convo between me and a friend about some random podcast.  We are always sharing ideas and content we hear in podcasts, but this day something whispered to me to turn it into a kit.  It’s August, so let’s face it– lots of crap happens in August if you are kid, a mom, a teacher, or even a regular citizen trying to make it through the sudden appearance of school zones. “Eat the frog” actually originates from Mark Twain (like most quirky life hack sayings) He said everyone has to wake up and eat a couple of live frogs each day.  As long as we do that first, the rest of our day will be awesome. “Live frogs” equal “stuff we don’t want to do” like getting up for school, leaving for work early to avoid school zones, buying school supplies, setting up your classroom, lesson plans, etc. No one likes to do the ‘not fun’ stuff, but getting that stuff out of the way makes the fun stuff that much sweeter.  Stuff stuff stuff. Just do the stuff. Speaking of…

Unpack your kit and gather all necessary craft tools & supplies.

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  1. Paint board white
  2. “Weed” all letters and frog out of vinyl. Leave the centers of letters like in the a’s, d, p and e’s.
  3. Peel back off clear transfer tape
  4. Stick clear transfer tape to top of stencil
  5. Peel off back of stencil
  6. Lay stencil over dry white board. (Check that keyhole on back is in correct position for hanging right-side up.)
  7. Using your library card, scrape the top to ensure there are no bubbles and that the stencil has adhered well to the back board.
  8. Peel clear transfer tape off
  9. Using your finger and Mod Podge, coat the empty letters and frog. This will seal the stencil and keep your paint from bleeding through.
  10. Paint “WAKE UP” in ROYGBIV order.
  11. Paint “-and eat the-“ purple
  12. Paint the frog shape light green
  13. Paint wooden word “frog” dark green. (you have 2 containers of the dark green)
  14. Let dry
  15. Peel off vinyl
  16. Hot glue dry wooden word “frog” to bottom right.

Craft it…Paint it…Hang it…Love it…