The June Craft Crate is full of patriotism and a gusto for adventure! This DIY USA adventure sign is not only perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, but it just might inspire an adventurous road trip this summer. You will find a wooden American flag backboard, USA shape, two piece ‘adven-ture’ in a fun and funky font, navy paper with starts, vial of silver German glass glitter, 3 two ounce containers of paint –Front Door red, Lamp Post black and Farmhouse sink white. In addition to the project pieces, you will find a SUPER fun little red and white ticket. Eeek. Love surprising y’all. One lucky crate subscriber will win a quart of paint in your choice of Front Door red, Farmhouse Sink white or Nautical Stripe blue. The drawing will be held during the live workshop on Thursday, June 14, 2018 from 7-9 pm.

Unpack your kit and gather all necessary craft tools & supplies.

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  1. Paint all 2nd & 4th stripes Farmhouse Sink white.
  2. Paint all edges and routed lines white as well.
  3. Paint USA shape white.
  4. Glitter ADVEN-TURE
  5. Trim paper to fit the square area on backboard
  6. Glue paper down using Mod Podge
  7. Using foam brush, paint 1st & 4th lines Front Door red. (Note: Do not get red in crevices.)
  8. Dry brush edges of USA shape black to make it POP.
  9. Glue it all together using hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  10. OPTIONAL: Using a felt tip marker, make a dashed line from city-to-city if you moved from one to the other OR draw a little heart over your hometown. Inspired by Emily Mork of Allen, TX.

Craft it…Paint it…Lean it…Love it…