Okay, so you know how you make a plan, and it’s great until you have a better one? Welp, that happened during the inaugural month of Bungalow Craft Co. What you will come to learn about me (if you don’t already know it) is that I have an idea about every 4.2 seconds, and more-often-than-not, I pounce on it. This causes two things to happen–eight pm narcolepsy and last minute trips on the #strugglebus.

This month, I created the project, had professional pictures taken, an amazing video made and advertised the crud out of a workshop kit that I (as luck would have it) ended up changing at the eleventh hour. Great for you. Scramble city for me.

So, all that being said, this diy tutorial is for a kit that you didn’t get (everybody laugh in unison), but it’s close enough that it’ll work, so keep reading and try to bare with your ol’ friend here.  I’ve learned my lesson. Next month, the tutorial WILL match the kit. Pinky swear and a heavy sigh.

Unpack your kit and gather all craft tools & supplies.

In addition to the contents of your kit, you’ll also need the following items. (affiliate links below)


  1. Paint all flags white.
  2. Stencil 3 flags blue chevron.
  3. Color block three flags blue. (See video below for visual explanation.)
  4. Paint scalloped flowers yellow.
  5. Glitter letters
  6. Distress yellow scalloped flowers once dry.
  7. Hot glue banner together.
  8. String flags.
  9. Tie burlap ribbon on each end of the banner.

Craft it…Paint it…Drape it…Love it…